John Green Parent Faculty Club


Welcome to John Green's PFC

We are glad you are here! The PFC Board members greatly appreciate your continuing support for our school. 

The PFC funds or subsidizes the majority of classroom and extracurricular programs such as character education, field trips, grade-level grants, science & math programs, and much more!  We cannot host these programs without the financial support from donations. We are requesting a minimum of just $150 per child to support these important programs for our children. This is far below what some neighboring schools ask from their families.  

Is your student a  a math wiz? Join Math Kangaroo! 

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Wellness Wednesdays Walk and Roll 

We invite all the students of the John Green Community to participate in the Monthly Walk and Roll every 3rd Wednesday of the month starting December 15th. The program is designed to encourage students, families and the school community to walk, roll, bike,and carpool to school. This is a great opportunity to create a healthy lifestyle, make our streets safer, reduce traffic, improve air quality and have fun exercising with our Green community. This is an ongoing event for the rest of the school year and we have interesting events lined up every month. 

This event will not be possible without the help of volunteers. Please consider helping our school and students by volunteering your time and making this event a success. 

Please be on the look out for our sign up sheets, that will be posted in the first week of December.

If you have any questions please contact Lohita Chennamsetty - and Zumana Calcuttawala -