John Green PFC

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Fall Registration FAQs

FAQ’s for Parents completing Fall Check-in

Why do I need to fill out both the Parent Portal and the PFC information separately?
Due to confidentiality reasons, the Dublin Unified School District cannot share parent and student information with the PFC.  The PFC sends out newsletters throughout the year that keeps you up-to-date on events, activities, and other happenings at the school.  If you did not provide your information to the PFC during registration, you will be missing out on important information.  Please complete the online PFC Fall Check-in to ensure that you will receive the grade appropriate emails for your student(s).

I was on the PFC mailing list last year, do I need to do it again?
No. Unless your email address has changed, you do NOT need to signup for the newsletter again.

Does everyone need to donate to the PFC?
The PFC funds or subsidizes the majority of classroom and extracurricular programs such as Character Education, Field Trips, Grade-level Grants, Science and Math programs, etc.  Fall Check-in and Gator Gallop are our major fundraising events and involves all our students.  If we don't raise enough funds during these two events, we may have to cut some of these programs and our children will miss out on them.  We are requesting a minimum of just $150 per child to support these important programs for our children.  That's only 83 cents per day out of 180 days in the school year.

Does my PFC donation cover the room parent donation and the Gator Gallop?
No, the PFC donation does not cover the room parent donation which is handled by each room parent.  Each class is different in the number of parties and activities in which the students participate in so the amount varies per class.  The Gator Gallop fundraiser is a fun event held in early Oct in which all our students participate in by running as many laps as they can on the grassy field.  There are individual winners per grade and pizza parties awarded to the classes in each grade which raise the most funds.  This is an opportunity to get local business sponsors as well as relatives and friends to contribute and support John Green Elementary and our children's education.  We count on donations from both Fall Check-in and Gator Gallop to support programs and events throughout the year.

What is the Emergency Preparedness Kit for and is it required?
In previous school years, teachers would request parents put together and turn in an emergency kit for each of their children.  This was a cumbersome process for both parents and teachers.  Starting in the 2015-16 school year, your child's teacher will no longer ask for these kits.  Instead, we are asking parents to pay $10 per child to fund an Emergency Preparedness Kit which includes a 3 day supply of 2400-Calorie Emergency Food Bars and an Emergency Mylar Blanket.  This is a one-time fee that will cover the student for all the years he/she will be attending John Green.  The Food Bars have a 6 year shelf-life and will be rotated out as incoming students fund new ones.  If your child has special dietary considerations, you can opt out of the kit and arrange to provide a special emergency kit to your child's teacher.