John Green Parent Faculty Club


Knowledge Bank

Welcome to the John Green PFC Knowledge Bank.  This is a website where chairpersons, committee members and volunteers can find some  initial information about events and programs. There are additional information not necessarily published here but shared in Google Drive.  Please contact the PFC Directors of Programs and Director of Volunteers for more information. 

Classroom materials and tools such as Character Education and other classroom-related topics like Room Parent Information that maybe helpful to parents and volunteers. This website will help provide chairpersons and committee members about events at John Green.  Go to the Volunteers page for a brief description of the events/programs and type of volunteerism needed.  Additionally, the Programs and Events page provides a summary of all the initiatives sponsored by the PFC.

PFC Event and Program Procedure Form.  This form should be filled out by the chairperson for that event and program for that year.  Information and knowledge gained from that experience is important so that the next chairperson do not have to reinvent the wheel, make the same mistakes, get better tips and work effectively and efficiently.  Please fill out this form after you've chaired an event or program or ask the PFC Board member how you can add your knowledge in the PFC Wiki page or Google Drive.