John Green PFC

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2018 Fall Check-in


Thank you for registering for John Green PFC. You should receive an email regarding required online PFC Check-in.

Please make sure to read all of the information prior to starting the online check-in process. We have streamlined the process so you can register with the PFC, fund school supplies, fund emergency kits, fund the 5th grade promotion and donate to the PFC entirely online. We are strongly encouraging parents to complete this process before you attend the in person Check-in as it will save you a lot of time.

At Fall Check In, you will need to turn in (5 DOCUMENTS):
1) DUSD Annual Data Update Summary Page (one for each child)
2) Student Emergency Health Form (one for each child)
3) Residency Verification form (copy of form/proof of submission)
4) PFC Registration form (see #1 below)
5) Fall Check-in Registration payment form (see #2 below)

There are two steps to completing registration with John Green Elementary PFC:
1) Click here to sign up for email reminder & weekly PFC newsletter.
2) Click here for the Fall Check-in Registration payment form.
(PFC donation / School Supplies / Emergency Kit / 5 th Grade Promotion)

You will also have the opportunity to fill out both forms above at Fall Check-in and make online payments (or payby cash/check), however we highly recommend completing both forms online in advance!

As a reminder, here is the Fall Check-in schedule for Tuesday, August 7th:
1:00 – 2:00pm = Grades 4 and 5
2:00 – 3:00pm = Grades 2 and 3
3:00 – 4:00pm = Grade 1 and Kindergarten
4:00 – 6:00pm = Open to All

School Supplies for 2018-2019 have been pre-ordered!
If you did not already donate $30 per child, please click here or you can combine your donation with the ‘Fall Check-in Registration payment form’. As a reminder the $30/child covers most but not all items required by the teacher.  To get a full list of what is not covered by the $30 by grade, please click here.

We are looking for volunteers to work during Fall Check-in on August 7th.  Please sign up here.

*All volunteers will skip all lines when registering their children at the end of their shift. Please consider volunteering for the shift before your child’s grade level*

The in-person Fall Check-in will also be your opportunity to meet the PFC board members. So please take the time to stop by the PFC table and learn about how your donations are being spent and how you can get involved to improve our school and community. If there are certain programs you are passionate about, please inform us as we love to hear new ideas and feedback.